NAPsaC is a regional association comprised of all the North American constituent organizations of the International Psychoanalytic Association.

NAPsaC was formed to expand cooperation between psychoanalytic groups within the North American region, and to better coordinate the professional activities and endeavors of North American IPA groups with those of the world body.


NAPsaC goals include:

  • sustaining and fostering the growth of psychoanalysis within the North American Geographical Region
  • fostering dialogue and interchange among the various organizations within the region
  • providing a forum for organizing and promoting scientific conferences, meetings and personal interchange among psychoanalysts within the region
  • furthering psychoanalytic research by providing a forum for coordination and implementation of research projects
  • providing an interface between North American psychoanalysis and the IPA, as well as other regional psychoanalytic organizations in Europe and Latin America
  • encouraging and facilitating outreach to allied professional groups and other organizations by providing a common North American psychoanalytic voice
  • providing information about psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic services to the public.


NAPsaC sponsors the North American “Find An Analyst” website ( which enables persons seeking psychoanalytic treatment to locate an IPA psychoanalyst in their vicinity.

NAPsaC welcomes inquiry from, dialogue with, and interchange among, all interested parties seeking to further the aims of North American psychoanalysis and the IPA.

For more information, contact the NAPsaC Chair at

NAPsaC By-Laws

Click here to open or download PDF (Amended and Accepted at January 21, 2017 NAPsaC Board Meeting)

Anti-discrimination Policy

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