The Community Relations Committee arranges for individuals from LAISPS to speak at various agencies and mental health facilities.

The Trauma Center is located in the community and provides pro-bono treatment in a primarily Hispanic Area. Non-violent parenting classes are also provided.

LAISPS originated the Soldiers Project, treating returning veterans free of charge. It is now an independent organization with Judith Broder (member) as Chair.

A Student Society is set to begin in the fall made up of candidates and members who have volunteered to mentor graduate students who are interested in psychoanalytic thought and to host monthly meetings to further their learning.

There are two groups of PALS (Professionals Affiliated with LAISPS) who meet monthly to discuss readings and case material.

Finally the community Relations Committee hosts an annual Open House so that prospective students and candidates can learn more about our Institute.


APsaA has a full-time employee dedicated to outreach projects and media response to trauma in the nation.

Members have met with the Pentagon about how the issues of suicide can be detected and treated more successfully. Members have also met with Senators who were sponsoring the gun bill that failed, and presented strategy of a mental health element of evaluation to be included in the bill.


The NPSI Referral Service connects our Institute's psychoanalysts-in-training who have experience in the British object relations theory and technique to people in the local community. The NPSI Referral Service strives to increase access to psychoanalysis by offering flexible fees.


The Contemporary Freudian Society, in collaboration with administration of a public elementary school in lower Manhattan. 85% of the school population live in public housing and have needed help, and especially in the year 2012 in response to Hurricane Sandy. Proposed plan is to work on site with children, parents and teachers.


Sponsors ongoing case-based seminars and lectures for the graduated Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program (PPP) members.

A new project will sponsor talks by members in various venues to lay persons interested in psychoanalysis.

PCC offers a low-cost psychoanalytic clinic.

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